Away We Go…

For months, no years, I have been meaning to bite the bullet and start a communications-related blog. In the past, I have had two travel blogs but never one that focused predominantly on public relations. I attribute my resistance primarily to fear. I have always thought, “Who would want to listen to my PR musings… I’m only a student.” What I did not realize until recently is just how empowering being a student is. We are on the cutting edge of everything public relations-related. We know the newest technologies like the backs of our hands. We understand social media like a leaf understands a tree. And most importantly, we have a fresh take on the industry, and it is us, not the generations of the past, that will determine its future.

Now, to get off my soapbox for a moment, let me introduce myself. My name is Lauren Switzer, and I am a senior public relations major and a communication studies minor at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. My desire for you, my reader, is to gain a greater understanding of the public relations world from the eyes of a 20-something about to enter it. I will focus on a variety of topics in this blog but all will relate back to public relations.

Having recently returned from living and working in Australia, I can guarantee that international public relations will appear on this blog more than once. I am absolutely obsessed with social media and am currently learning how to use it strategically for clients from Professor Kelli Matthews, so anticipate reading about that topic as well. While I list these as probable topics, I am not limiting the reach of this blog, so I dare you to expect the unexpected.

I hope to convey the knowledge I learn from all of my PR endeavors with you, while always writing in a manner that will excite and keep you reading. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it immensely.

Lauren Switzer


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