My 20% Project

This post is in response to “Get a Life: What’s Your 20% Project?” by Ben Malbon at BBH.

As I was reading through this post, I was at a loss for what my 20% project is… I could think of a million things I do to make myself happy and take my mind off of public relations, but no one project stood out in particular. Since returning from study abroad, my nose has been to the grindstone when it comes to graduating from college. Right now, I have two weeks left until my life as an undergraduate is complete, and I am determined to not extend that period any further. That being said, I still make an ample amount of my time free for play.

Something as simple as having a dinner party, seeing a movie, watching my favorite television programs and reading my favorite books all qualify in my mind as something that takes up 20% of my time and is entirely unrelated to schoolwork or public relations. I like having a 20% project in that capacity, but I do miss my former 20% project more than I can express in words…

I love to dance. I grew up dancing in the very competitive studio dance world, giving up 20+ hours a week to my dance group. While it was a massive commitment, I can’t think of a place in my life (except for Australia) where I have been happier. Having that group of friends surrounding me all the time, always there when I needed them; expressing myself with my body through music; feeling like I had a family outside of my actual family; winning the occasional trophy; feeling like I was going to burst with energy every time I performed on stage… I miss all of these aspects of dance more than words can articulate.

While I consider my current friends a family outside of my actual family, it’s not the same. So, I have decided (based in part on the post by Malbon but primarily based on a personal decision) that I am going to take up dance again. I know it won’t be the same as it was before… my former dance experience was a collection of special moments in time that can never be repeated, just like my experience in Australia. But, I know dancing and performing will bring a great deal of happiness back into my life.

This Wednesday at 5 p.m. I will be at the University of Oregon Recreation Center dancing it up with a girl from my former dance group, Kelsie Jordan. I know once I start again I will never stop: exactly what I want.

My new 20% project: dance.


One thought on “My 20% Project

  1. How have I not seen this post before? I love it! “Special moments in time” is so true. Maybe this will become my new 20%…

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