(22) Days of Summer

As many of you know, Oregon had one of the gloomiest summers on record. Lucky for me, I escaped not only Oregon but the country for 22 amazing days of travel.

I’ve always felt that nothing reveals more about oneself than travel, particularly traveling alone. This adventure of mine that spanned four countries, countless cities and multiple islands was by far the most self-revealing to date.


This photo epitomizes my time in Greece: an amazing ancient monument surrounded by the modern (In this case a fire extinguisher)


I learned that while I revel in my independence, I do need others to surround and support me; that I not only love history but am actually obsessed with it (Every time I saw a pile of rubble in Greece, I could visualize the cities these ruins once created, feel the energy that once radiated from them, see the ancient Grecians wandering about the now dusty roads…); that while I obsess over history, I always need to be up to speed with the present (I consumed a newspaper whenever I could get my hands on one, devoured a magazine that came within arms reach, poured all of my concentration into reading a new post whenever the Internet was available.); that I, in summation, am too social to be left entirely alone for extended periods of time, too independent to be constantly surrounded by people, too entranced by the present to be distracted by the past, and too fascinated by the past to ever forget its impact on my present circumstances

Wait, what!? I know that sounds overwhelming, contradictory and a bit weird, but that’s me. I did not anticipate finding myself on this trip (and rest assured, I know I still have a lot to learn), but that is what my independent travel brought with it, and I really could not be more grateful.

These 22 days of summer brought some pretty amazing “ah-ha” moments that I will never forget. Taking the leap and traveling this summer was one of the best choices I have ever made and one I will never regret.


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